Lately, we have conducted an interview with one of our ZS EV customers, Andy, to understand the first-hand user experience of Australia's Best Value All Electric SUV and to gain some feedback. We are so excited to share all the insider's notes of owning a ZS EV with you.

Q: When did you get your ZS EV?
Andy: I ordered it in July 2020, and received it in March 2021.

Q: What do you love the most about the ZS EV?
Andy: I love that the ZS EV is both comfortable and very safe to drive. The MG Pilot system has saved my life a few times! One time I was driving on the freeway at 110km/h, a car came in front of me suddenly. Luckily the safety system helped me stay in lane and controlled the speed properly. I also like that the car is very spacious yet easy to park.

Q: Have there been changes in your driving expenses since you started driving your ZS EV?
Andy: Yes definitely. I have been charging the car from my house. There are also a lot of free charging stations around, such as shopping centres like Chatswood Westfield.

Q: How do you normally charge your ZS EV and how do you find the battery charging experience?
Andy: The charger that comes with the ZS EV takes about 17 hours to fully charge the vehicle. I usually just charge it before going to bed, and it will be fully charged the next day. If you use an NRMA fast charger, it takes only about 45 minutes. It is also much faster to charge the car at shopping centres, and it is usually free. You can get about 40km charged per hour. Overall charging an EV is as easy as charging a mobile phone. I don’t think I will ever consider a gasoline vehicle again! I am also looking forward to the cool new models that MG is bringing out.

Q: Are there any challenges for owning an EV?
Andy: I would definitely like to have a bigger battery, so I can drive for longer distance. With the ZS EV, the driving range is around 220km to 300km to me. It is good to drive within Sydney, but it can be hard to find a fast charging station when I am outside of Sydney. Sometimes the charging station is damaged, or people park a petrol car in the charging spot. This can be very tough for us.  

Q: What is the most adventurous trip you have done with your ZS EV?
Andy: I have driven to Coffs Harbour. There was no problem at all. I could charge the car in Newcastle. It is just important that you plan ahead for charging stations. I have also done a few tracks with the car. It performed well and my family enjoyed it. It was very comfortable.

Q: What do your friends and family think about your ZS EV?
Andy: They think that it looks very nice. They always ask me how often I need to charge the car. Sometimes I even get people approaching me to just ask about my car.

Q: What would you say to people who are considering getting an EV?
Andy: Just do it! You don’t need to go to the service station ever again. The actual experience with the EV is even better than what I expected. The car is very responsive. The smart technology helps you get out of different situations really quickly. When you let the hood off, it slows down for you. It is comfortable and quiet. You can even leave the air conditioning on for your sleeping baby when you park the car, no one will get poisoned!

We are so happy to hear such positive feedback from Andy. The ZS EV is indeed an incredible family car that combines practicality, comfort, style and sustainability. Learn more about the vehicle at

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